Saturday, August 29, 2009

Young Jon Jon- A Long Way To Go

A Long Way To Go is the debut mixtape from Young Jon Jon. It has 14 tracks, including the bonus track. Young Jon Jon starts off strong with "I Aint Tryna". This is one of my favorite tracks on the song. He is using a syrupy slow flow, & the beat is dope. The next track is Move Out My Way. The beat is dope. His flow is OK on this song, it seems all over the place. Its a decent track. He reps his borough on this track saying he is from BK all day. Towards the end he talks about the incarcerated rapper Max B. The next track is Mr. Magnificent, which used the same beat as the Rick Ross/John Legend. My favorite line of the song is when he says, "my songs describe what I do like adverbs." Track number 4 is called My Life. He is is rapping about his life and how he wants to live it right.He also seems to be talking to a female as he raps "NO Chris Brown, I wouldnt hit you," He employs a slow flow. The beat is open & deep. I like it. The overall tape is good & I would recommend it for a download. The only tracks I didnt like were Maybach Dreams, Distant Family & the bonus track.

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