Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Complex the MC interview

1. What was your thought process with this project?
For this project, I wanted it to be pretty much the opposite of my last mixtape(not to be confused with the LP and the EP I released between the two mixtapes). My last mixtape had quite an indie sound to it, and it was one big story for the most part. This one is shorter, and is mostly just a collection of songs. Instead of the indie sound it has a bit more of a mainstream/street influence.

2. How is this project different from your past projects?
This project is different from my other projects because it has no REAL theme to it. I like themed projects. My first mixtape didn't have a theme it's by far my worst project. My first EP had no actual theme sound wise, but there is a theme of the songs all being cut from the final version of The Life of ComPL3xX(My 3rd Mixtape)

3. What was your direction for the artwork?
For the artwork, I just wanted something that captured the title, Beats And A Bape. Major thanks to chrisdotrivera since he made the cover

4. What are your goals for this project?
My goals for the project are just for it to be heard since I worked hard on it. I want to make sure this one gets more exposure than my others and so far it has.

5. What is your favorite song from the project and why?
I honestly can't pick a favorite. Theres to many to chose from haha

6. What expectations do you have for the project?
I expect for this project to create a bit of a buzz on the smaller blogs and to just help get my name out and hopefully to be heard by the right people.

7. Whats next for you?
Collaborations and things that haven't been done before. I started work on a secret project that I'm not ready to speak on about 3 days before Beats And A Bape dropped and then the day of the release, someone I have a lot of respect for hit me up about doing a mixtape together.

8. Who would you like to work with? Whose your dream collaboration?
Melvin Burch. That dude is dope. PropaYne is also a dope artist I'd like to work with. I'm not gonna name any bigger artists, the list would be kinda long lol but my dream collab would be me, XV, Charles Hamilton, and Lupe Fiasco

9. Do you want to stay independant? or sign with a major?
I'd like to sign and if I had a choice it'd be with FnF.

10. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
I just hope to gain respect and touch the lives of others and teach/help people through my music.

11. Do you have a website or a twitter where the fans can hit you up? and

12. Any last words?
Beats And A Bape is the worst of 2010 and thats a good thing

Thanks for the interview Complex and everyone please download the project below:

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