Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Young Jon Jon Interview

This is an interview with a young rapper named Young Jon Jon. He is from New York and his interview is below.

1. What was your thought process with this project?
i was just trying to make the best music possible, and was very motivated and inspired by the movie "Ali"

2. How is this project different from your past projects?
outside of the better sound quality, it had alot more original beats not like the last mixtape which was all instrumentals. other than that it wasnt so much different but it was better than my last

3. What was your direction for the artwork?
i wanted something different than the usually mixtape covers you see so i hit up my boy Dread to fix me up something crazy and he did, in my eyes the punching bag represents life, the game, my haters & enemies and i just keep punching

4. What are your goals for this project?
i really didnt have any specific goals for it but i wanted it to be way better than my last mixtape which i feel i accomplish at the same time im always like sky's the limit with anything I do

5. What is your favorite song from the project and why?
it has to be "Teasin'" because of the whole vibe of it also it came from a situation that really happened in my life

6. What expectations do you have for the project?
I expected it to be received well and the response from people meet them and flew passed them

7. Whats next for you?
as far as putting out music im taking a little break because of school but im always writing, recording, creating and working on my next mixtape which will be called "The QUESTion" and will be dropping around may or june of this year

8. Who would you like to work with? Whose your dream collaboration?
i dont really have a dream collabo but to name a few.......Jay-Z, Drake, Slum Village, Wale, KiD CuDi, Kanye, Asher Roth, Mickey Factz, Amanda Diva, Curren$y, Q-Tip, etc. cause theres way too many to name

9. Do you want to stay in dependant? or sign with a major?
my goal is to stay indy but if a major came along with the right deal i'll def. take it

10. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
to inspire people the way i been inspired by music

11. Do you have a website or a twitter where the fans can hit you up?
yes i try to follow everyone back

12. Any last words?
yes shoutout everyone who helped me with the mixtape Ladee 80, Staxxx, Murda Ace, Asia, Dread all my WaveGang fam. nick, nikki, jmel, ty, Jerle aka boss lady, shouts to Chris M., Shay, DJ Epidemik, all my people in BK/NYC, VA, UpState NY, a big F U to my haters & enemies, finally everyone who's not hip to me better get hipped to me before you get bumped out the way ya digg ya dugg good.

Please take a listen and download the project below.

Thanks for the time and the interview.

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